Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Teri C. Stoddard’s Ovary Control Unit. What the F?

Please click the link below and support this news media for naming names, truth telling and calling out the queen of pro pedo pro abusers.

More bizarre details about this Teri C. Stoddard character. She openly attacks and harasses victims of child molestation and abuse (Connie Bedwell & Presley Crowe, just to name two.) She targets people who are speaking out against pedophile rings and child-sex trafficking networks. She even threatened one of our sources that he would never see her daughter again (who was sold for $82,000) if he continued to be affiliated with Freedom of the Press Group LLC‘s various Web sites and newspapers. This woman is unbelievable. In another strange twist, Teri C. Stoddard apparently is involved in some off-branch Mormon Patriarchy Role Playing Game network. Seriously? An Ovary Control Unit?


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