Monday, January 21, 2013

Hail Hitler Billy Boy! The Truth About Bill Windsor Lawless America

Bill Windsor and Lawless America its all about him, HIS name HIS face, HIS, his, his, his………….and that is HIS too!
So when I came across this video of him I about pissed my  pants – this video short is so dead on!!!
Poor little rich boy who has nothing to do with all his time … and then they came -- all tumbling down…..

Who is this new psycho??? Bill Windsor and his Lawless America hobby is retired and his wife must love the fact that this Narcissistic fuck is on the road harassing any one – except her.!!
He has a new project, playing ‘god’ because he just has nothing better to do with his time. Seriously, this guy is a nut, retirement just doesn't work well for rich pig Narcissistic and woman hating fathers rights freeks…. who are so insecure with their own sense of manliness that they think they need a uterus too?

Bill Windsor Pedophile 1 Bill Windsor Pedophile cowboy 1

lol seriously what's up with that? and his I wanna be a cowboy when I grow up?? show down at the OK corral? Hey Bill, c’ mon man admit it I bet you dress up like a toy soldier too??/ or maybe that is your problem you secretly cross dress in your wife's underwear that would explain the cowboy and woman hate syndrome.. its yourself you hate isn't it? That and Broke-back mountain.

Lawless America Pedophiles
Billy Boy Pie Man
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