Thursday, April 7, 2011


These are transcripts from "A Fatherless Minute" series sponsored by The Liz Library for The Justice Hour radio show on WPBR 1340 AM. The term "fatherless" ("fatherlessness") is used in this series as it is in current research and policy rhetoric by the U.S. federal government, DHHS and the National Fatherhood Initiative, most U.S. states in connection with child custody law and policy, and various family values and fatherhood interest policy and lobbying groups. (For the research, see the subsections Research Myths and Factsand Child Custody, as well as the section on FAMILY LAW generally.)

  • "Fatherless America" list of famous fatherless children (25% of American presidents)
  • Fatherless Children Stories in reading order by liz CITATIONS TO RESEARCH
  • Myths and Facts about Fatherhood  |  more research  |  custody reseach CITATIONS TO RESEARCH
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