Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mother's Rights: Maternity, Paternity and Pregnancy Issues

Mother's Rights: Maternity, Paternity and Pregnancy Issues
Pregnancy and maternity/maternity issues are integrated with the issues of child custody, property and support issues rights, parental alienation defense theory used to counter allegations of abuse and otherwise discredit women's testimony and childcare histories, child development (education and attachment issues), father's rights, and other family law issues, so check related sections for other relevant articles. NOTE: The LIZNOTES index page contains links to recommended off-site locations as well as the on-site articles. Also see subsection on Attachment and Bonding in CHILD DEVELOPMENT, and Alimony in FAMILY LAW. For history of mothers' rights, seeTHE WOMEN'S LIBRARY.

  • Index: LIZNOTES Table of Contents
  • Babies Need Their Mothers Beside Them by James J. McKenna, Ph.D.
  • Bias: examples of societal bias against mothers and motherhood by liz
  • Busting the Fatherhood Myth by Lily DeVilliers
    with Mark Evans RockAmerica Speech
  • Effects of Pregnancy by liz
    Effects of Abortion
    Reasons for a late-term abortion
  • Gender-Blind, Gender-Neutral Equality: When "Equal" Isn't by liz
  • Male Bashing? Brief history of family law politics. by liz
  • Multiple Meanings of Equality: Case Study in Custody Litigation by Jane Gordon PDF SCHOLAR
  • Myths and Facts about Motherhood and Marriage by liz CITATIONS TO RESEARCH
  • Reasking the Woman Question at Divorce by Penelope Bryan PDF SCHOLAR
  • Reconciling Marriage, Motherhood, and Feminism - One (traditional mother) by liz
  • Reconciling Marriage, Motherhood, and Feminism - Two (feminist mother) by liz
  • What is a Primary Parent? by liz
  • Why Divorced Mothers Should Get Alimony by liz
  • Why Most Primary Parents are Mothers by liz
              with Staying alive: Evolution, culture and women's intra-sexual aggression, by Anne Campbell SCHOLAR
  • Why People Divorce by liz CITATIONS TO RESEARCH
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